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BerichtOnderwerp: Wattson   di sep 01, 2015 8:33 pm

The Pokémon with the notepad and the serious looks walked in and calmly took place on the sofa, which was way too tiny for him. It was make for Joltiks, after all. The notepad was flipped open and the eyes of the Pokémon fixed on the little, yellow creature in front of him.

"Let's start off simple. What's your name?"
"I'm Wattson! I was named after my dad, his name is Watt." *glances at mother* "Eh, nice to meet you."

"Ah-hah.. Now tell me, how old are you?"
"I'm eight an' a half, but almost nine already!"

"I see, and you're a.. ?"
"I'm a Joltik, just like my dad once was!"

"Ah, yes. A Joltik, huh? And what type is a Joltik?"
"It's a Bug- an' Electric-type, so I can zap all meanies or cover them in webs!"

"And you're a boy, right?"
"Yes, Imma manly man."

"A manly man. Noted. Now: where do you want to live? Think thoroughly about this question, Wattson, it's a very important one."
"Um.. I wanna live in Tokai, where the other Rescuers are."

"So you want to be a Rescuer, then?"
"Yes, but I like exploring too. Oh, oh, an' fighting bad guys!"

*laughs* "To fight bad guys you have to be very strong. You know that, right?"
"'Course I do! I'm already level ten, though. That's tough, huh?"

".. Yes, it sure is. And how about your attacks?"
"I can do String Shot, Leech Life, Spider Web an' Thunder Wave. Oh, an' Screech. An' I know the eggmoves Cross Poison an' Pin Missile too!"

"That's quite the mouthful. Can you give me a description of yourself now?"
"But you can look at me right now, I don't --" *mother gives him a look* "Uh, okay. I'm the smallest among my bro's and sis's; I'm only five centimeters tall. I don't mind, though, I like being tiny. My fluffy fur is of a teeny tiny bit lighter yellow than the fur of other Joltiks, and my paws and eyes are a bright blue. My eyes also come in two sets of two, one set's bigger an' one smaller. That's about it, I think."

"Yes, that'll do. Can you tell me a few words that describe you best, please?"
"Well, my mommy says I'm very enthousiastic and sweet. Maybe that's because I like to help others a lot, I don't know."

"Alright, we're almost done. Lastly, I need you to tell me a little bit about your history."
"Okay! An' then I get to be a Rescuer, right?" *calm nod* "Yess! So, I'm the last child to be born in the family. Mum an' dad, an Ariados an' a Galvantula, were a team of Rogues before they fell in love an' had Ginny, that's my oldest sis. After her, a lot of other kids followed an' now I have eleven sisters an' ten brothers! You wanna know their names, mister? You have Ginny an' Tess an' Voltaire, I don't know what that means, an' --" *quicky shakes his head* "Oh.. Okay. But yeah, we're a big family with big hearts, as mommy says. Daddy also had a big heart, but for some reason he left mommy sometime before I was born. Now mommy has to take care of us all by herself. To help her, all my brothers an' sisters took a job as Rogue or Explorer when they turned eight. An' now it's my turn, but I wanna be a Rescuer!" *waits a few seconds* "Can I be one now? .. Pleaase?"

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Wattson   di sep 01, 2015 8:50 pm

Character Accepted
You're off to the world of Pokémon!

little things make big things happen.
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